Frequently Asked Questions

I have sent my ID. What is next?

As long as your credit card payment went through, we send self check in instructions 2-3 days before arrival with your room number and the keypad codes to enter the property. In case you are booked for tonight, it may take a few hours to receive your check in instructions, or you may call +44 203 488 1444 to get it. We may also send information via SMS shortly before arrival, so we recommend to please be sure you have the correct phone number in your reservation, as to have this numbers in your pocket is more comfortable than searching for an email on arrival, isn’t it?

There is no reception? So how is the check in process?

You will find the building entrance door code and your room/flat number in the check in instructions e-mail and SMS. Use the door code to enter the building and go directly to your room/flat. The housekeeper will leave the door open for you and the keys are inside. If you need assistance please call us anytime. We have housekeeping stalk in the building until 4:00pm everyday, and maintenance can go upon request.


I have a promo code, how can I use it?

Promo codes are redeemable on our website only and can be applied on days that are not discounted by another special offer.


Where can I get the promo code?

If you are our happy customer we will love to provide you with our promo code for your next reservations! You will get up to 15% OFF any other offer online! You can also find some promo codes inside your flat on our social sites or e-mail communications.


Why I have been charged if I can still cancel my reservation free of charge?

If you have a reservation where the policy says ‘’The payment may be charged at anytime’’ then you have been charged to guarantee your reservation. If you cancel within your free cancellation time we will refund the full amount immediately.


I was charged a few pounds more than I was supposed to! 

The Cleaning Fee in some cases is charged separately from the room amount, if you have a reservation via It is usually £10 or £15 and it is mentioned on your booking payment process. If you have any questions about this fee, please call directly and they will be glad to help!


My card was declined. Can my reservation be cancelled?

Unfortunately yes, if you don’t update your card details this may happen, because the reservation can’t be guarantee with an invalid credit card.


My reservation was cancelled! But I still want the reservation!

We are sorry to hear that! You can still make a new reservation with a valid card on our website.


Our arrival is late! Is it okay to arrive after check in time?

No problem! Just follow the instructions from the confirmation email. We still recommend to let us know via email.


I have to leave very early in the morning, is it okay?

Definitely. Just leave the key where you found it when you arrived. We also appreciate if you just inform us via email so our housekeeper will be there shortly after you leave. 


May I request early check in?

Early check in is possible after 12pm and you have to let us know via email at least 2 days before arrival so we can prepare your room earlier. You will find the prices on your check in instructions.



May I request late check out?

Unfortunately, our check out time is at 11am and we have to prepare the room for another guest but you can leave your luggage there till 3pm and you can pay in cash to the housekeeper.

You will find the prices on your check in instructions.


How is the process if I want to leave my luggage before check in or after check out?

A housekeeper is at the property before check in and after check out. You can pay in cash to her. For your convenience we recommend to let us know in the advance via email.


We provide self catering rooms, what does that mean?

This means we don’t provide any special service except basic housekeeping service as changing towels every third day and providing toilet paper.


Are bed linen and towels provided?

Yes, bed linen and towels are provided.

Still have a question?

Call +44 (0) 1273-569034 or e-mail

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