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Frequently Asked Questions

Saltwater: INNit Hotels, Brighton

Pick Your Room

You can choose the exact room for your stay. 

View the gallery of bedrooms to pick your favourite. 

Our best room rates are always available on our website.

Check-in Online

To complete your booking, submit the check-in form and upload your photo ID. 

Once you check-in online, you can book optional extras, such as early check-in, private parking and baggage drop off.

Receive Codes

Before you arrive, you will receive a text message (SMS) with the code to the front door and another code to access your room.

With these codes, you can enter your hotel at any time. 

Enjoy Your Stay

Our full time staff will welcome you at reception and our housekeeping team will be on hand, to help ensure you have the best possible stay.

If you need anything during your stay, please do not hesitate to contact us.


I have sent my ID. What HAPPENS next?

Once your payment is confirmed, we will send your check-in instructions, typically the day before your arrival, with your room number and the keypad codes to enter the property. If you are booked for tonight and have not yet received your check-in details, you may call +44 (0) 7401 224 410. We also send information via text message (SMS) shortly before arrival, so please be sure you have the correct phone number on your reservation.


The requirement for ID is purely for security purposes for our staff and guests. We just want to make sure that the guest turning up is who they say they are so that the name of the booking matches the one on the ID. Furthermore, we also have an over 18 policy, therefore we will be checking your DOB. I appreciate the concern, these days you are never cautious enough, however, if it helps to give you a piece of mind, feel free to cover any sensitive info such as address or passport number or any other info you may deem sensitive. 


How do I check in?

You will find the building entrance door code and your room number in the check-in instructions e-mail and SMS. Use the door code to enter the building and your check-in instructions will also include a code to access your room. Dependent on which property you are staying in, your code will either give you access to a lockbox outside your door with the key to your room, you can keep this key for the duration of your stay to access your room, or you will have the code to an electronic keypad which, once entered, will give you access to your room. If you need assistance please call us anytime. We have housekeeping staff in the building until 4 pm every day, and maintenance can go upon request. 


CAN I CANCEL MY reservation, free of charge?

If you have a reservation and the policy says ‘’The payment may be charged at any time’’ then you have been charged to guarantee your reservation. If you cancel within your free cancellation time we will refund the full amount immediately.

I was charged a few £pounds more than I was EXPECTING!

The Cleaning Fee in some cases is charged separately from the room amount if you have a reservation via It is usually £10 or £15 and it is mentioned in your booking payment process. If you have any questions about this fee, please call directly and they will be glad to help!

My card was declined. HAS my reservation beEN cancelled?

Unfortunately yes, if you don’t update your card details this may happen because the reservation can’t be guaranteed with an invalid credit card.

Our arrival is late! Is it okay to arrive after check-in time?

No problem! Just follow the instructions from the confirmation email. We recommend you also let us know via email.

I have to leave very early in the morning, is it okay?

Definitely. Just leave the key where you found it when you arrived. We also appreciate if you just inform us via email or let our reception know when you leave.

CAN I ORGANISE early check-in?

Early check-in is possible after 1pm but please let us know via email at least 2 days before arrival so we can prepare your room earlier. You will find the prices on your check-in instructions - please ensure you book and pay for early check-in, before you arrive.

May I request a late checkout?

Check-out time is 11am, however you can extend until 1pm if you pay a small fee. You may leave your luggage with us until 3pm, by prior arrangement. 


A member of staff will be at the property before check-in and after check-out. You must let us know in the advance of arrival/departure if you intend to leave your luggage. 

We provide self-catering rooms, what does that mean?

This means we don’t provide any food on site. Some rooms have a full kitchen - make sure you book one if this is something you require. 

Are bed linen and towels provided?

Yes, fresh bed linen and clean towels are provided.  


If you need any cleaning services or would like anything restocked, please do let us know before 4pm. Our housekeepers are working every day until 4pm, so if you let us know what time the room will be vacant, we will do our upmost to clean while you are out.

aNY questionS?

You can contact us by phone or text: +44 (0) 7401 224410 or e-mail

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